Texas Butcher $75   Killing  Mask of the  chainsaw massacre.
Dinner Date $75
This pretty woman mask comes to dinner.
Granny $70
A creepy old lady mask.
MeatHead 2 $70
Inspired by the design by Tom Savini LTD.
Skin Mask 3 $70Styled after the KNB FX version Leatherface.
Corpse Prop $60
Realistic looking zombie prop head.
A very large classic monster mask.
Please email for availability.
Crimson Fiend $70
50's serial Crimson Ghost mask became an image used by the legendary punk band the Misfits.
 Demon $75
From the depths of hell comes this ghoulish demon.
Shrunken Head $35
Dementia FX tm   Dementia Productions tm   2017
Movie quality collector masks and Special Effects Make Up,  Orlando FL